Taking part

Information for patients

Please see the “Participant Information Leaflet” (version 2.0, 03SEP2020), displayed below. This leaflet explains:
• What the (main) PURSUIT study is about;
• Why it is being done; and
• What will be involved if you take part.

If there are any parts of the information leaflet that you do not understand, or if you would like further information, you can contact the PURSUIT Central Study Team. Alternatively, you can contact your local participating site (hospital) directly.

You can also find additional information about two other studies that we are doing alongside the main PURSUIT study (i.e. the PURSUIT Recruitment Study and Interview Study); please see the “Participant Information Leaflet, Recruitment Study and Interview Study” (version 2.0, 03SEP2020), below.

If preferred, you can download each of the information leaflets by clicking on the ‘Download’ option that is underneath each display.

Information for sites (hospitals)

Please see additional information about the study via the ISRCTN registry website, here.
If you require further information and/or are interested in becoming a participating site, please contact the PURSUIT Central Study Team.

“Please note: some of the contact details in the information leaflets displayed are currently ‘highlighted/blank’. This is because the information leaflets displayed here are templates that will be updated by each of the participating sites (hospitals) so that their local contact details are included.”